Community 健康 Programs

马塔哥达 County’s Community 健康 Clinic provides primary and preventive health services to meet the needs of qualified members of the community. The Community 健康 Clinic  serve as the 马塔哥达 County 健康 Department. 服务包括:

  • Medical Assistance Program (MAP) Eligibility services
  • Primary Care to qualified patients on the 马塔哥达 County Medical Assistance Program (M.A.P.)
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

Community 健康 Clinic
Primary 联系: Sandra Bickham
Monday – Friday from 8 am to 12 pm, and 1 pm to 5 pm.
海湾城, Texas 77414


Provider clinic appointments require patients to bring all current medications at every 访问.

LMAP patients should note that a copayment is expected at time of service for every 访问.


Please note that WIC诊所 locations and hours of operations are not the same as the Community 健康 Clinic. Click here to 访问 the WIC诊所 page.

Local 健康 Department/Disease Reporting

马塔哥达 County’s Community 健康 Clinic  serve as the Local 健康 Department for 马塔哥达 County. The Local 健康 Department for 马塔哥达 County is Texas Department of State 健康 Services, 公共 健康 Region 6/5 South, 为奥斯丁, 科罗拉多州, 马塔哥达, 沃勒, Liberty and Wharton Counties. TDSHS 公共 健康 Region 6/5 South may be contacted at 713-767-3000. For infectious disease reporting of notifiable conditions, please see the TDSHS website at

Referrals for clients not meeting eligibility requirements for CHP/MAP Services

Clients who do not meet eligibility guidelines for the Medical Assistance Program (M.A.P.) will be referred to 马塔哥达 Episcopal 健康 Outreach Program (MEHOP). MEHOP is a Federally Qualified 健康care Center (FQHC) providing primary medical care, 牙科, 儿科, 妇产医院, and behavioral health. MEHOP accepts most private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. If uninsured or limited insurance benefits, MEHOP offers discounts (sliding fees) for services based on household income if eligible. 联系 MEHOP at 979-245-2008 or for additional information.

The 马塔哥达 County Medical Assistance Program (M.A.P.) is offered as a service of the 马塔哥达 County Hospital District for qualified citizens who reside in 马塔哥达 County, and is based on criteria established by the District. M.A.P. Program provides certain healthcare services to eligible low income citizens of 马塔哥达 County.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. 住宅, Must be a citizen who resides in 马塔哥达 County
  2. 收入- May not exceed the minimum established Federal Poverty Income Level (FPIL) of 71 percent , based on household composition
  3. 资源/资产- May not exceed $2,000 (or $3,000 if aged or disabled)


  1. IMAP (Indigent Medical Assistance Program) 0 – 21 percent of Federal Poverty Income Level (FPIL)
  1. LMAP (Low Income Medical Assistance Program) 22 – 71 percent of Federal Poverty Income Level (FPIL)

Services Provided for Qualified Applicants

  1. Primary and preventive care services provided at the CHP or by written referral.
  2. Inpatient and outpatient hospital services provided at 马塔哥达 Regional Medical Center (星际娱乐app). 仅限IMAP程序 – referral to tertiary centers for inpatient and outpatient services with prior written referral if services unavailable in county and documented medical need.
  3. Laboratory and Radiology Services (Only those available at 星际娱乐app with approved orders and documented medical necessity)

Medications must be on the hospital approved formulary. Coordination of providing prescription medications is performed through a third party prescription program.

M.A.P. 合格的办公室



Monday – Friday: 8 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 5 pm


Phone: 979-244-8136 or 979-245-8421



Medical Assistance Program (M.A.P.) application packet is available from 8 am –Noon and 1p – 5 pm, Monday through Friday at the CHP, G大道1413号, 海湾城,德克萨斯州77414. Fill out the application packet and deliver it, along with all of the required documentation (as outlined below), 完全地.A.P. 办公室 at the Community 健康 Clinic. You may mail, fax, or hand deliver the application and 副本 of all of the required documentation 完全地.A.P. 办公室. Applicant must provide all information and documentation which is requested and the application must be completely filled out, 签名并注明日期.

First time applicants are encouraged to schedule an eligibility screening appointment with the M.A.P. Coordinator by calling 979-244-8136. The application and documents can be reviewed and submitted during the eligibility screening appointment.

Required Documentation

Documentation must be provided for each category below as it applies to you or anyone in your household. (A household is yourself, 你的妻子/丈夫, children and anyone under the age of 18 who lives with you).

收入证明, 居住证明, proof of household composition and proof of resources are required. Examples of documents that can be used to provide proof for each category are included in the application packet instructions.

Processing of Application with Approval or Denial

Once the application and all required documentation are received by the M.A.P. 办公室, the application will be processed within 14 days, after all of the required information is received. If you are requested to provide additional documentation to determine your eligibility, the requested documentation must also be received by the M.A.P. 办公室 prior to eligibility determination with up to 14 days additional processing time required from date of submission. Failure to provide all of the required and/or requested items will delay your application and may cause your application to be denied.

Once eligibility has been determined, applicants will be notified by mail regarding approval or denial of the application. Applicants have the right to appeal denials.


All applications are approved for a limited timeframe. Application for renewal of benefits is required for renewal or extension of benefits. Applications must be submitted in a timely manner to prevent a lapse of coverage, and must include a new completed application form along with 副本 of proof of income, 居住证明, proof of household composition, and proof of resources. The same rules for processing of initial applications also applies to all subsequent applications for renewals.

Children’s 免疫接种

The Community 健康 Programs no longer provides this service due to a large number of local providers available. Uninsured patients needing immunizations are being referred to

  • TDSHS 公共 健康 Region 6/5 South – (979)241-3120
  • MEHOP’s Texas Vaccine for Children’s Program – (979) 245-2008


The CHP 不 offer adult immunizations. Clinics offering vaccines for uninsured adults include

  • TDSHS 公共 健康 Region 6/5 South – (979)241-3120
  • MEHOP (979) 245 - 2008
  • Brazoria County 健康 Department (979)864-1484
  • Victoria City-County 健康 Department (361)578-6281

Some 当地的药店 also provide immunizations to insured or self-pay adults.

International (Traveler’s) 免疫接种

The CHP 不 provide immunizations for travel to international destinations. Those interested in inquiring about recommended international vaccines are referred to their primary care provider, 当地的药店, Victoria City-County 健康 Department, 或Redi诊所. Additional information can be found on the Centers for Disease Control’s website for recommended vaccines.

Victoria City-County 健康 Department 361-578-6281

These services are now provided for 马塔哥达 County through TDSHS Region 6/5 South and may be reached at (979)241-3120.

WIC诊所 locations and hours are not the same as Community 健康 hours and locations. Click here to 访问 the WIC诊所 page.